Linen Cabinets

Bathroom towels, hand towels and other linen items take up space. Oragnize these bulky items with a Linen Cabinet: available in two formats – a 2-door cabinet or a 3-drawer base option.

Install the versatile Upper Linen cabinet above an 18" base to create an 81" tall Linen Cabinet that is both functional and stylish.

18" Upper Linen Cabinet

Width: 18"
Depth: 21.5"
Height: 47.5"

• Requires an 18" base cabinet
• Includes 3 shelves.
• Includes 1 upper Flush-Fit End Panel.


Linen Cabinet Options:

• For a Linen Cabinet with 2-doors, combine Upper Linen with 18" Vanity Base.

• For a Linen Cabinet with Drawers, combine with 18" Drawer Bank.
  • To create a Linen Cabinet, you must order an Upper Linen Cabinet and 18" Base Cabinet - 18" Vanity Base or 18" Drawer Bank.
  • Cabinets are shipped with unfinished sides. However, 18" Upper Linen Cabinets are shipped with 1 Upper Flush-Fit End Panel to finish the upper portion of one side of your linen cabinet.
  • If a Linen Cabinet is purchased and it is not positioned against a wall or another cabinet, you must purchase a Linen Flush-Fit End Panel Kit to cover the exposed top and bottom cabinets.
  • If a Linen Cabinet is purchased as a stand-alone unit, without cabinets on either side then two Linen Flush-Fit End Panels will need to be purchased for both sides of the Linen Cabinets.
  • Don't forget to finish your Linen Cabinet with decorative Crown Moulding.
  • The Upper Linen Cabinet door is pre-installed to open to the left. The door and hinges can be rotated and re-installed to open to the right.
  • Door/Drawer hardware is not included.